Today is the day.

Over the last few weeks, I have been asking the Lord to show me how to share my faith with others. I know I am not just saved so I can stand before God and say… “Well God, I made it! Aren’t you glad to see me?” No! hahaha… That’s not what I want. I want God to use me, I want him to send me, I want to stand before Kings, I want to share what He has done and tell them that what He did for them to.

My time has finally arrived. I was asked yesterday to give my testimony this afternoon to be shared in church for those who are unbelievers and to exhort believers to continue in their faith.

God is good to me and I will go into depth about that in future posts but I just wanted to say I am nervous. I can write but I am about to publicly testify about Christ entering into my life on a recorded message.

Lord, give me the words today that bring You glory and praise. Use me, Lord, to draw others to You through what you have done for me, what you have done for all of us through Your precious Son Jesus. Your word says that you don’t want any to perish, Lord use me to draw more into your Kingdom. I want to honour You Lord.


I’m nervous…. but I’m ready.


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