Three Years Ago Today

Wow, it has been three years since I first started blogging about my life as a new christian.

The last year has been quite a journey and it is so hard to try and explain the whole thing in one blog. While it is difficult to put it all in one blog, the time is coming for me to share what God has done.

Though my break has been somewhat long, I am excited about sharing with you not only what He has done but also what He showed me about who He is. I am still deciding if I should actually write a memoir about the events that took place rather than blogging about it because of its length.

Something I can say about being a 3 year old christian is this: I know that I am not the same anymore. I love The Lord with more depth because of the relationship built and the way I trust Him now is so different to what is was in the first year.

I hope to write something regularly and soon…


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