Faith Encouragement

To those of you who have followed me since the start, I thank you for being with me on my journey. I’ve learnt a lot by following some of your blogs and though I don’t comment, I do think a lot about what you write. Food shared huh?

I’ve been a Christian now for almost 4 years. I started this after I had been a Christian for about 6-7 months and it has helped me to write out the thoughts and feelings, revelation and even correction that God lovingly given me in my new life with Him.

I look back on the last four years and I can’t believe I have come this far and I know, that this life I have now is only because of Jesus being the Lord of my life. I do stupid stuff sometimes because I am a human and I am so glad that God is patient, merciful and forgiving but most of all, He is a just God who is fair always and worthy of praise forever.

I don’t think I could do the Holy Spirit justice in this little blog… but I can tell you that what happened in 2013 when my sons were returned to my care, was miraculous, a sign and wonder and I saw what a Mighty Rushing Wind looks like with my own two eyes. Maybe there is a book in there somewhere 🙂

I want to say something that inspires you or builds your faith, builds your thirst for the Holy Spirit, your hunger for the word of God so I will share about what God did in 2013.

God rescued my two children from a life of destruction. Both of my sons, then 13 and 15, were into drugs, girls and self harm. One of my sons would not even let me near him to hold him when I arrived in the country, which was very unusual for him, so I could see the damage to him since I had last seen him. I had no money, no lawyer, I wrote the affidavit myself (I had to ask Holy Spirit to help me! I had no idea what I was doing!) and I came with nothing in my hand. I was backed by the prayers of my husband, my family and my church and I knew God had sent me there to bring them home, I just didn’t know how it was going to happen. Despite many setbacks on the first day including immense discouragement from legal aide (unable to help and told me that I would need to stay in NZ for at least 1.5 years if it got another look at all) and child protection services (couldn’t protect my children from the neglect and abuse they were being subjected to in their father’s care and were going to close the case with no recommendation to the court), I believed God for the impossible. My faith did not falter, God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, He resurrected Jesus from the dead and He was going to rescue my children because this life they were living was not the plans He had for them. He told me Joshua 24:15 and so I knew that where they were was not the right place.

The court took my affidavit, despite having no money to lodge them and in the 7th hour, Holy Spirit was on the move. The court called, waived the submission fee, gave me an instruction to come the next day and note ‘without notice’ on my affidavit and then they organised the lawyer for the children, a bailiff was available (who wasn’t due to be in their courthouse for weeks) to go and serve the papers to their father to appear in court and on the third day the court gave me full custody of my children with explicit permission to obtain passport replacements and remove them from the country to return home to Australia with no access for their father except by application. I have one of the fastest international custody cases in New Zealand. It would have cost me over $3500 NZD just for the initial hearing plus getting into court, trying to hire a lawyer, then getting the affidavit written. I would have had to find a job and wait 21 days for him to respond. Then back and forth until it was resolved. But that was clearly not God’s plan for me either.

Today, my two sons live with me and my husband in Sydney. It has been such a trial because after six years of abuse, my children are still learning what is normal and not normal, they have not known love but if God didn’t show me what love was before He brought them home, I would not have been able to care for them. He’s shown me and continues to teach me how to love my children with patience, kindness, goodness, mercy and truth. He taught me how to be a mum first before returning them to me, I wasn’t worthy before, but God saw me fit to be their mum at just the right time.

I believe one of the keys was to surrender the limit of ‘time’ to the Lord. When legal aide told me I might have to wait 1.5 years before I see a result (which would be around about now), I got into the car I had borrowed from my dad and said ‘Lord if you want me to stay here that long to get my children back, I will.’ My husband and I had agreed together that if this was to happen, God would be with us and it would be part of what He wanted, but that wasn’t God’s plan. I left 2 weeks after I arrived with my sons.

I witnessed the Mighty Rushing Wind blow through an entire courthouse, through a judge down to the legal clerks, through to a children’s lawyer who believed I wouldn’t get them back for a while, down to a bailiff who wasn’t supposed to be there for another few weeks (who happened to have gumboots/rainboots in his car to serve the boys father with his court documents on the farm they lived on!) right down to the boys lawyer telling me that I would have to wait about a week for the papers, and right as she finished saying it, a court officer came out and said ‘You can pick up the papers at 4:30pm today’. God supplied all my needs and I did not pay a cent.

Through this experience, I was able to share with my children’s lawyer about who my God is. I was able to share with the child protection officer, who my God is (he is a buddhist). I was able to share with my dad about who my God is. Not only was my faith grown, but the faith of various members of my church who were witnesses to the events (via telephone) and my return with the boys, was also grown.

Please be encouraged today with this: God brings rain at the right time. All you have to do is prepare for the water to come. The stories in the old testament and new testament still apply today. I meditated on what God did through Moses and the Exodus.

My walk with God has been amazing to say the least. Though amazing, it hasn’t been easy or pretty! I seem to have a pretty dramatic life at times, and I know there are people out there doing it tougher than me, but there are times when I think I might break under the strain, but what I know about God is that He won’t give me what I can’t handle and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I remember what God did and I remember He is with me, He knows what is best and He knows when I am ready to receive what He has planned for me. Sometimes, I’m just not ready. I think I am – but I’m not. God knows when I am, just like he knew when I would be ready to care for my sons.

If you haven’t done so lately, write out the miraculous things God has done in your life or re-read them from your journal. Build your faith to exponential levels and when you do this, He will increase and you will decrease. Give thanks! Praise God! Even if your road is rocky and wilderness looking!

I am not sure when I will return to write more or if I will close my blog down and move onto a new chapter of my walk but I hope that today you will be encouraged to continue in your walk, press in if you’re facing a difficult situation and remember that you are not alone. Stir up your faith today. I hope sharing this story has stirred your faith in some way.

Peace. x


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